Terms & Conditions

The following are the general terms and conditions for Bosscasino.co.uk:

The term ‘website’ refers to www.bosscasino.co.uk and the company BossCasino.
The terms ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’ anywhere on the BossCasino website refers to www.bosscasino.co.uk and the company BossCasino.
The term ‘you’ refers to the person or persons visiting the BossCasino website. The same reference is relevant for anyone contributing content to the BossCasino website as well.
The term ‘Agreement’ anywhere on the website refers to all the notices as well as terms and conditions set forth in this Terms and Conditions document.

Access to and use of the Website is offered only on the implicit acceptance of this ‘Agreement’ without any modification whatsoever. When you visit our Website you agree to be bound by the rules, terms and conditions governing it as laid out in the ‘Agreement’.

Please read the ‘Agreement’ carefully before getting on to use the Website. Use of the Website automatically means complete compliance with the terms and conditions in the Agreement.

Our recommendation to anyone who is unable to be in full accord with the Agreement is to leave the Website immediately. Staying on at the Website automatically means you are in agreement and compliant with all the terms and conditions listed out in the Agreement.

We at BossCasino reserve the right to make changes, amendments and notifications to the Agreement as we see fit, at our discretion, and without the need for justification or even prior notification to any user. Use of the Website after any such discretionary changes will be tantamount to the player being in acceptance with the new terms and conditions in the Agreement.

Players must be in complete compliance with the rules and terms and conditions set in the Agreement to be able to access and use the Website.

Website Usage Agreement

The following are the terms and conditions you agree to abide by when you visit the Website:

1. Content published on the Website is meant solely for the purpose of information. BossCasino is not liable for the results of any actions based on the information available at the casino, including e-mail based content e-mails sent by us through direct mailers.

2. BossCasino is an online casino information repository. It is not an online or mobile gambling portal and no gambling action is ever conducted on the website directly. We do not accept or facilitate the placing of wagers or cashing out of winnings.

3. You agree not to use the Website or any section within it to conduct illegal activities like the placing of bets. You agree to use the Website in direct conformance to the laws and regulations laid down in your gambling jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to indemnify Us and hold us free from legal action for any and all third party claims, damage, loss, liability, cost or expense arising out of You violating the terms and conditions listed in the Agreement.

4. You agree not to broadcast through the Website or upload to it or any of the servers and services attached to it any form of malicious material including computer viruses, macro viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other such element that is designed with the purpose of interfering, disrupting or interfering with the standard operating procedures on a computer, a computer network or a mobile device or devices.

5. You agree not to create or publish hypertext links to any section of the Website. You also agree not to access the Website or any component therein without proper authorised access.

6. You agree not to broadcast through the Website or upload to it any content that is deemed offensive, obscene, indecent or objectionable, or content that is deemed to cause annoyance, unnecessary anxiety or inconvenience by Us or our Users. We reserve the right to delete any such content as and when it is found on the Website without the need for prior notification or explanation to the person uploading or broadcasting the content.

7. We provide content on an as-available and as-is basis. We do not guarantee that the Website will be error-free, without defect or run uninterrupted. All action undertaken by you as a result of the information you find on the Website, therefore, is your sole responsibility and we are not liable for any form of compensation including direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, exemplary or incidental damages and losses incurred as a result of your actions thereof.

8. You may find links to other websites or resources on the Website; these are provided with the sole objective of providing our users with increased content value. You agree that we are not responsible for the presence of such links to external websites or resources on our Website and that we are not responsible or liable for – directly or indirectly – and certainly do not endorse the privacy practices as well as the content – which includes content that is defamatory or misrepresenting of facts and entities – available on these said websites. We are also not responsible for and do not definitely endorse any products, product advertising or other services and material that are found on or provided by said websites and resources, nor for any loss, damage or offence caused or purported to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, services or products on the said websites.

9. We and all the entities including advertisers that advertise on our Website are bound by the codes of practice laid down in and implemented as per the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act of 2014. The following is a summary of the said primary objectives laid down therein:

a. Prevent gambling from being a source of criminal activity and/or disorder, or from being associated with criminal activity and/or disorder and/or from being used to support any form of criminal activity;

b. Ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and in an open manner; and

c. Protect children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed, abused and/or exploited by gambling or gambling-related activity.

10. We take the licensing objectives laid out above seriously and into consideration and therefore always act in a manner that is consistent with them.

11. By submitting any form of content (collectively hereafter referred to as ‘Submission’) to the Website you grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable and fully sub-licensable right to:

a. Use, reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, distribute, create derivative works and publicly display and perform such Submissions anywhere across the world in any form of media, be it now known or devised hereafter.

b.Use the name provided by you while submitting such content. You agree and acknowledge that BossCasino may opt to provide attribution of your comments or reviews solely at our discretion.

c. The Submissions could be sent to us by you through electronic mail, through posts made on our Website or through any other form including:

i. Casino site reviews
ii. Questions
iii. Comments
iv. Suggestions
v. Photographs
vi. Videos
vii. Related ideas and any other related form of content

12. BossCasino is not responsible for any kind of misinformation, be it express or inherently implied. While we do make dedicated efforts to ensure our Website is error-free, we make no warranty for the accuracy of the information available on our Website and especially on third party websites that are linked to and from our Website.

13. You agree that you will materials, content, and links on the Website at your own risk. BossCasino, and its entire team, is not liable for any loss or damage caused or arising – directly or indirectly – from the reading of or use of any form of content appearing on the Website.

14. BossCasino expressly DOES NOT offer real money gambling opportunities, or even the means to sign up at the casinos listed on our Website to players from the US. Players from the US are, however, able to register on our Website and play the games available in FREE PLAY mode on the Website and also at partner social casinos.

15. The responsibility of determining the validity and legality of online gambling in the country you are resident in and playing from lies solely with you the player. It is also your sole responsibility to ensure that you meet the minimum gambling age requirements as laid down in the laws of your country of residence. It is also your sole responsibility to ensure that you are in total compliance with the gambling laws prevalent in your country, state and town of residence.

16. All content published on the Website is strictly copyrighted. Unlawful use, duplication or distribution of any material found on our Website is a direct violation of the copyright and/or trademark laws that govern them.