Privacy Policy

We put a premium on your privacy. That is why we have in place this detailed Privacy Policy document to let you know how your private information is handled at BossCasino. It explains how we gather, store, and use your information and whether we disclose your private data to anyone at all. Please go through this document carefully to get a complete idea of our approach towards maintaining the privacy of your data. Do get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Collecting Personal Details: Why We Do It, What We Collect and How We Do It

We collect your personal information to enable us to serve you better. We use that information to be able to fulfil any requests that you may have and also to be able to get in touch with you if needed. We collect your personal info when you:

• Create an account with us: The information that we record at this point include your e-mail id, IP address and the username you provide.

• Sign up for our newsletter: At this point we collect your e-mail id and also the name you provide.

• Contact our customer support team: At this point we collect the information that you provide during the course of the chat, call or e-mail.

• Participate in competitions, sweepstakes and giveaways offered by BossCasino: We collect the basic information like e-mail id and username.

Using Your Personal Information: How We Do It

We maintain complete confidentiality with regard to the private information that you provide us with. We use the information only to enhance your experience with us. Your private details allow us to keep you updated on developments at our site and give you the latest information including announcements and details of events that you may be interested in. You have the right to choose at any time to opt out of receiving our updates by clicking the relevant link provided to unsubscribe.

Your personal information enables us to administer and offer to you programs like competitions, sweepstakes and giveaways that we organize from time to time. We use your personal information to verify, if needed, the account information that has been provided for these events.

We at BossCasino run targeted advertisements and your personal information helps us offer you advertisements that you may find relevant. When you view or interact with a targeted advertisement it confirms for us that the assumption of you being a possible target was correct and validates our targeting criteria that allowed the ad to be shown to you in the first place.

The Use of Cookies

BossCasino uses cookies and other new technologies to help us collect non-personal statistical data about our visitors. These include details like:

The amount of time spent on each page
The banner advertisements clicked and pages with the maximum clicks.

Cookies are non-intrusive text files that are completely safe. They are stored on the browser of your computer when you access a site, and this is the case with BossCasino too. The cookies allow us to increase the degree of relevance and value of our content and promotions for you. We do notify you of the fact that we are using cookies and you have the choice of allowing it or learning more about it by clicking the relevant button on the notification.

We use cookies because they give us information about you that is non-personal; future data including advertisements and related content like articles, targeted services and customized advertisements that we offer you are based on the data that the cookie collects about you.

You have the option of disabling a cookie in your browser whenever you want. Please note that doing so may reduce the degree and value of content and advertisements that you receive from us in the future. At a more physical and technical level, it will also automatically disable any browser customizations that you had asked to be incorporated.

Using Your IP Address: How We Do It

Every time you visit any website your IP address is shared with the site. The information that is shared includes, among others:

Language settings on your computer.
Internet Service Provider (ISP) details.
Operating System (OS) details
Web Browser details

This information is completely non-personal but receives the same level of security that your personal data is offered. The sole purpose of using this data is to achieve important research goals for us like user trend analysis and ensure we are completely geared to offer you only information that you need and thereby an online experience superior to any you may have had at similar sites earlier.

Disclosure of Personal Details to Third Parties

BossCasino’s policy does not allow for sharing, trading or transfer of its users’ personal information with third parties. There are companies, however, that we partner with in our endeavor to provide you services and information that will be of value to you. We reserve the right to share your personal details with such partners completely on a needs-basis. Our partner companies, i.e. the third parties are obligated to ensure complete protection of the privacy of your information and do not have any right whatsoever to provide your information to other parties.

In case of a merger, reorganization or even sale of BossCasino we reserve the right to transfer all recorded user information – personal and non-personal to the relevant third parties. This will happen only after BossCasino has informed its users apriori and before your personal information is bound to the conditions of a fresh and separate privacy policy.

BossCasino is in complete compliance with all legal process. In We reserve the right to release user’s personal information to any relevant party should there be such a requirement by law and as part of a legal process.

BossCasino does not provide any warranty whatsoever for the use of your information by

We do not provide any warranty against the use of your information by third parties partnered with us.

Protection of Children

BossCasino is an information portal that caters to the gambling industry. As such none of our marketing content – be it products, services or promotions – are targeted at or even appropriate for children and minors below 18 years of age or the equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction.

BossCasino is not responsible for any action a child or visitor below 18 years of age – or the equivalent minimum age in the given jurisdiction – may undertake after a visit to our website. We are not responsible for the child’s actions based on the content that BossCasino offers – either directly on its pages or on any of its sub-domains and pages – or the outbound marketing campaigns we propagate through avenues equalling but not limited to our newsletter.

Please ensure you go through our Terms and Conditions documents for more details.

General Account Registration Policy

At BossCasino, account registration is free and not mandatory; you can visit the website and use the promotions on offer without signing up unless stated otherwise. You have to be at least 18 years old – or the equivalent legal age in the relevant jurisdiction – to register an account with BossCasino. BossCasino does not therefore, in keeping with this policy, record, store or disclose personal information about children and visitors below 18 years of age or the equivalent legal age in the relevant jurisdiction.

Our registration policy allows you to deactivate or delete an account any time after opening it. You can also contact us to get yourself removed from our database for marketing communications. The information provided at the time of registration will remain in our secure archives for analytical and statistical purposes.

Maintaining the Confidentiality of Customer Accounts

We secure and protect all your personal information in a digital environment through use of secure passwords and encryption technology and adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to personal data protection. Only members of BossCasino who need access to your personal data will be provided access to it, and that too on an as-required basis in keeping with the implementation of tasks associated with their designated position in the company.

General Data Security

BossCasino has in place stringent measures to protect your personal data from loss, alteration or abuse. This is done by having in place the required security measures – both digital and infrastructure related – at our physical info tech and data storage facilities.

Conditions Pertaining to Content

The practical issues involved in running digital content on websites and other platforms do not permit us giving you a blanket guarantee related to the accuracy of content 24x7. We, therefore, reserve the right to modify and make changes to the information on our website without prior notice. Some of the promotions, bonuses and services that we list are subject to restrictions based on regulation and jurisdiction. These said services and promotions may not, therefore, be available in all markets.

It is your responsibility to ensure the current validity of information that is on our site and that you respond to.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

BossCasino reserves the right to amend items on our privacy policy as and when needed without providing prior notification to the user. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you go through our policy at regular intervals and remain updated about any changes made.