Ukash casinos are much appreciated by many online casino players. They like the convenience and security that this payment method has to offer them. It is also accepted at a lot of casinos which makes it a good choice for you if you are trying to find a payment method to meet your online gambling needs. Ukash is a third party payment processor that allows you to purchase special vouchers with your cash, credit cards, or other payment methods depending on where you live and how you purchase the voucher. Once you have obtained your Ukash voucher, you will be able to use it to deposit funds into your online casino account so you can begin enjoying all those exciting real money casino games.

How to Deposit Using Ukash

Once you have decided to join one of the Ukash casinos and you have purchased a Ukash voucher you will be able to use that voucher to make your deposit into your player account. In order to make your deposit all you have to do is to choose the Ukash option in the banking or cashier section of the online casino you play at and enter the pin number that is on your voucher. Then, you will enter the amount that you want to deposit. Another nice thing about using this payment method is your funds will be credited to your online casino account immediately so you can start playing the real money games right away. You can break up the amounts to make deposits on different casinos. Once you deposit an amount into one account you will receive a SMS or email with your updated balance and new pin number for that balance. You can then use that new pin number to make a deposit at another casino if you choose.

  • Can you withdraw using this method?

    Some of the online casinos will allow you to use Ukash in order to make withdrawals, but you will need to verify that the online casino you are playing at offers this. When you withdrawal using Ukash it works much the same way, only in reverse. You will enter the amount you want to withdrawal and you will receive a voucher with a pin and the amount accessible to you.

  • Which countries are supported?

    Ukash has more than 20,000 outlets which are located in more than 55 countries. This payment method is an extremely popular choice for players located in the UK. If you are interested in using Ukash then you want to verify that it is available to players in your region.

  • How does it work?

    Some of the benefits of using Ukash is your personal and financial information will be protected. With the use of a pin code you will be able to place your transactions with ease. Many online casinos offer you the chance to use Ukash for your online casino banking needs.